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Welcome to Center for Free Market Enterprise CFME

Established in September 2014, CFME was founded by Peter Yakobe and Pilirani Banda young Malawians who are passionate about Economic development of Malawi and Africa as a whole.


CFME is an organization geared to creating a prosperous Malawi based on the principles and foundations of a free and tolerant society.


The Malawian government dictates prices for goods and services, the value of the currency, and consistently implements subsidies for fertilizer and maize. As a result, many citizens are passive in their efforts to create enjoyable living conditions, waiting for the one true and honest politician to appear and to solve the problems of work, welfare and development.

CFME aims to increase the awareness that it is individuals who must strive to create a better life and it is entrepreneurial risk-takers who will come up with new ideas, solutions and opportunities that are beneficial for the society. The people of Malawi must be made aware that it is the citizens who must dictate to the politicians what must be done to allow individuals to make their own dreams come true.

CFME strives to stir up activism among young people, and to promote the idea of liberalism and its importance for economic strength and individual success. Additionally, CFME prepares a liberal political platform, in the form of policy recommendations to politicians, that should be implemented to decrease the burden of government on the economy and on Malawian citizens and to create an enterprise friendly environment.

The youth of Malawi consists of over 60% of the whole population. They are the hope and future of Malawi, these youth needs to be empowered and supported to realize their dreams and create the future we would like to see. CFME is committed to support and empower these youths to become economically independent so that they can generously contribute to the economic development of Malawi and Africa

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