Rural Entrepreneurship

Established  in 2015 the program aims at equiping the disadvantaged rural youths with entrepreneurship skills that enables them to identify and start small businesses and move out of poverty.

Entrepreneurs Pitch Night

Established on the 10th November 2016. The event (which takes place every two months) is aimed at providing young and upcoming entrepreneurs a platform to pitch their businesses or business ideas to an audience of potential investors, customers and the general public.

Prison Entrepreneurship

CFME rolled out a project in the prisons of Malawi to train the young prisoners aged 16-30 and who are remaining with six months to be released. They are trained in Business and entrepreneurship, and Vocational skills.

Our Team

Our Vision

A prosperous Malawi with economically empowered youth, successful enterprises and flourishing communities

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Our Mission

Centre for Free Market exists to develop, train and mentor young entrepreneurs into accomplished business people and provide economic opportunities to the underprivileged Malawians

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Central Values

The corporate values governing CFME’s development are: Liberty, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility, Innovation & Justice.

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Program Highlights

Rural Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs Pitch Night


Prison Entrepreneurship


Zomba Entrepreneurs Hub


Zomba Trade Fair


Zomba Entrepreneurs Hub

The hub provides the following: Office spaces at affordable fees, Business Incubation, Free consultancy services, Mentorship, and Various entrepreneurship activities.

Zomba Trade Fair

The goal of this event was to expose the people of Zomba and surrounding areas to different goods and services being exhibited by young and upcoming entrepreneurs CFME has empowered and many other entrepreneurs from different parts of Malawi.

The event was a success with over 30 exhibitors and a countless patronage.

3 Day Start Up (“3DS”) Seminar

The three days startup seminar (which took place from 23rd to 25th March) was organizedby CFME and facilitated by the American based 3 Day Start Up, Inc. (“3DS”) with support from Young African LeadersAcademy (YALI). The 40 student participants were selected from over 100 applicants from across Malawi. 3 Day Startup’s Senior Program Facilitator & Conference Director, Maia Patrick Donohue equipped the participants with skills on how to create a company.

Prison Entrepreneurship

Under this project we do the following:

  • Train the inmates in Business and entrepreneurship and Vocational skills so that once they are released from prison they can create their own enterprises and employ themselves and others
  • Provide counseling to both the prisoners and their relatives and guardians back home to accept the brother/sister back into the society

It’s very sad to note that 50 years after independence many young people in Malawi are still struggling to come out of poverty and get a decent paying job. Lack of jobs and continuous poverty has made many youth in the country to leave and seek refuge elsewhere. That is why we have many young Malawians working in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe because they cannot find good decent jobs in the country. Lack of jobs has also caused some of them to indulge in immoral acts including prostitution. As a result many young people are dying of HIV/AIDS in the country leaving behind the parents and grandparents.

At Centre For Free Market Enterprise (CFME) we believe that young people are the engine of any country’s economic development. You cannot create wealth without involving young people; we believe youth empowerment is key if we are to develop Malawi. That’s why at Centre For Free Market Enterprise we develop; train and support young entrepreneurs so that they can start their own businesses, create value and prosperity for the country. Through entrepreneurship they create jobs for themselves and other people. For the 4 years CFME has existed we have developed, trained and supported over 5,000 young people and 50% of them have started sustainable businesses creating jobs for themselves and others. We are currently working with juveniles, university students, rural youth and secondary school girls. We are currently operating in the southern region of Malawi with plans to cover the whole of the country in the next two years and at least 5 countries on the continent in the next ten years. A better and prosperous Malawi and Africa is possible. Join us as we make this dream come true

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Mr. Peter Yakobe

CFME Executive Director

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Our awesome partners

The most effective way to create change is through collaborations with like-minded people. The work we do is supported and funded by a wide range of people and organisations – from grant making institutions, to development partners and commercial affiliations. We are very thankful to all who support our mission by all means.

Support our cause to create a better space for economic growth among the people of Malawi!

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