Students Exposed to the ideas of liberty and innovation


On the 20th of June 2015 Center for Free Market Enterprise organized a Liberty, innovation and entrepreneurship seminar held at the University of Malawi Chancellor College, Audio-Visio Conference room (AVC). The seminar attracted both students from the college and others from other walks of life. The speakers at the seminar were Mrs. Getrude Kabwazi , Country Director of AGE (Advancement of Girl Education) Africa and Mr. Lombola Gama , Managing Director of Bamboo express and YALI fellow.


The first to speak was Mrs. Kabwazi who spoke on liberty and innovation. She spoke on how liberty and innovation are related. Liberty creates an atmosphere for innovation and that in our country we have opportunities to be innovative by advancing libertarian principles. Mrs. Kabwazi the later challenged the ladies in the seminar to man up and be counted, not only occupying leadership positions but also contributing to whatever course is being taken.


Mr. Lombola took to stage and spoke on entrepreneurship. He firstly said that entrepreneurs look for a problem in society and begin to look for solutions to that problem. Then he also compared and contrasted between entrepreneurs and survivalist. He said survivalist lack direction and vision while on the other hand entrepreneurs handle their business with a vision in mind and with proper direction.

The seminar attracted over 70 participants and most of them were the university students.


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