About us

About Us

Established in September 2014, CFME was founded by Peter Yakobe and Pilirani Banda young Malawians who are passionate about Economic development of Malawi and Africa as a whole.

CFME aims to increase the awareness that it is individuals who must strive to create a better life and it is entrepreneurial risk-takers who will come up with new ideas, solutions and opportunities that are beneficial for the society.

The Malawian government dictates prices for goods and services, the value of the currency, and consistently implements subsidies for fertilizer and maize. As a result, many citizens are passive in their efforts to create enjoyable living conditions, waiting for the one true and honest politician to appear and to solve the problems of work, welfare and development.

CFME strives to stir up activism among young people, and to promote the idea of liberalism and its importance for economic strength and individual success. Additionally, CFME prepares a liberal political platform, in the form of policy recommendations to politicians, that should be implemented to decrease the burden of government on the economy and on Malawian citizens and to create an enterprise friendly environment.


Peter Yakobe
Executive Director

A holder of a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Peter became a lover of liberty in 2009 when Malawi was a second fastest growing economy in the world. When he was at the university, he was introduced to Students For Liberty (SFL) movement by Mr. Japheth Omojuwa and Peter joined SFL as a charter team leader for Malawi. Since the time he joined SFL, he has been instrumental in establishing the students for liberty movement in Malawi. In April 2014, Peter Yakobe was also appointed to serve in Students For Liberty’s African Executive Board as a regional director for Southern Africa which included Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho and Angola. Peter has also worked with Africycle Malawi Ltd, African Chaplaincy network and he served in different positions at the university he attended. Apart from employment, peter also volunteers in different charitable organizations and community care groups. A graduate of Atlas Leadership Academy, Peter has gone through different online and onsite trainings with Students For Liberty, Atlas Network and other organizations in leadership, advocacy, liberty, free markets and entrepreneurship. He has been a speaker in different workshops and forums around the world on liberty, free markets and entrepreneurship. In September 2014 he co-founded a think tank Center For Free Market Enterprise together with his friend Pilirani Banda. His vision is to create a prosperous Malawi based on the foundations of free markets, free trade and entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, Peter also runs various businesses.


Pilirani Banda
Programs Director

Holder of Bachelor of Science towards Statistics and Demography.

Pilirani got introduced to ideas of liberty in 2012 through a student group called African Liberty Students Organisation. He is a passionate libertarian and soon after graduating from college he continued to advance libertarian ideas and served as the Director of Admnistration and Outreach under Students for Liberty Malawi. While working with Students for Liberty Malawi, Pilirani helped to expand the libertarian movement in Malawi by establishing charter teams various in public and private universities and colleges in Malawi. Pilirani is a recipient of the 2015/2016 Global Health Corps fellowship with orientation training at Yale University with Emmanuel International as a placement organisation in the Monitoring and Evaluation department. He is also a recipient of the 2014 Brains and Beauty awards. He has also worked as a Research Associate and later as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Dignitas International. He has received various onsite and online trainings on Liberty, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership with Atlas Network, Students for Liberty and Global Health Corps. More also, he has attended various conferences and workshops from several countries including United States of America, Ghana and Zambia. In September 2014, he co-founded a think-tank thus Center for Free Market Enterprise with his friend Peter Yakobe whose activities are aimed at creating a prosperous Malawi based on the foundations of free market. Pilirani also runs various businesses.

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