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CFME is determined to help young entrepreneurs by providing the necessary resources and knowledge knowing that they will play a role towards the economic growth of Malawi.
If you feel you have anything worthy sharing, please do not hesitate to forward your ideas or questions by sending us an email. After assessing your ideas then we will post
them here for the benefit of others. please visit our contact page and send us your views, comments, questions or suggestions.

currently there are no vacancies. we will advertise if they arise.

We are in Pijo house opposite Regional police headquarters, just after Chancellor college turn off.

Absolutely YES. we need small businesses like yours to grow. If you are around Zomba, just visit us one day or attend one of our roundtable discussions.They are very helpful.

There a chance of getting a loan from CFME. It only depends on a few factors which can be better explained face to face.

These factors include:

  • Nature of business
  • If you are a group not an individual
  • a valid identification, which include physical address
  • availability of funds

we will always put an article in our Events page.

first we do a feasibility analysis of your business. if its viable, we proceed with the sponsorship otherwise we advice you on the better alternatives.

Once the business has started operating, we require detailed reports and our programs manager will monitor the business progress from time to time.

we tend to help small entrepreneurs boss.

We are a non-profit organisation. As such we rely on donor fund. So, we will assist where necessary.

Could not find the answer?

If you are not assisted on this forum please always send us your questions through our facebook page. You can also send us messages on whatsapp on the phone numbers that are found on the website’s contact page. Or you can email us. visit our contact page.

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