Message From CFME ED

peterCFME increases the awareness that it is individuals who must strive to create a better life and it is entrepreneurial risk-takers who will come up with new ideas, solutions and opportunities that are beneficial for the society.At Centre For Free Market Enterprise (CFME) we believe that young people are the engine of any country’s economic development. You cannot create wealth without involving young people; we believe youth empowerment and adoption of free market principles are keys if we are to develop Malawi. That’s why at Centre For Free Market Enterprise we develop; train and support young entrepreneurs so that they can start their own businesses, create value and prosperity for the country.  That’s why we advocate for policies which creates prosperity. For the 4 years CFME has existed we have developed, trained and supported over 5,000 young people and 50% of them have started sustainable businesses creating jobs for themselves and others. We are currently working with juveniles, university students, rural youth and secondary school girls.  We believe that our countries need to adopt free market policies so that we can move towards economic independence. This should not just happen in Malawi but other countries as well. A better and prosperous Malawi and Africa is possible.

Please join us as we make this dream come true!

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