Prison Entrepreneurship

People who have served time in prison, whether justly or not, can have an extraordinarily difficult time assimilating into society upon their release. Employment opportunities tend to be scarce for former convicts, and time spent behind bars is time that often can’t be devoted to developing new skills and entrepreneurial ideas that are applicable in the outside world. The Centre for Free Market Enterprise has taken the model of opening business clubs in prisons in Malawi where prisoners learn about free trade and entrepreneurship.


Preson Entrepreneurship

Currently we are working at Mikuyu Prison in Zomba and Bvumbwe Prison in Thyolo. The prisoners learn about entrepreneurship, principles of free trade, and a free market economy so that once they are released from prison, they can conduct businesses using the ideas of a free economy. The six-week intensive course that the Center for Free Market Enterprise offers to business-minded inmates includes training in trade, financial management, fiscal prudence, pricing strategies, and much more, along with practical insights about the regulatory climate within Malawi and wider Africa.

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