Zomba Entrepreneurs Hub

Many young people who are doing business in face the hurdle of finding office space due to high costs of rental fees. As a result CFME opened the Zomba Entrepreneurs entrepreneurship hub in Zomba where affordable office space is provided to young entrepreneurs plus business incubation. A young entrepreneur stays at the hub for 18 months and within that period he/she is mentored and given practical skills of how to run his/her own business successfully. All the young entrepreneurs in Zomba who want to grow and expand their businesses come to the hub for advice and free consultancy.



Apart from the affordable working space, the young entrepreneurs also benefit from Free consultancy services, Business Incubation, Mentorship, Trainings and Round table discussions

By providing office space, mentorship and business incubation for young entrepreneurs, Zomba hub plays a vital role in as far as the growth and expansion of youth entrepreneurship in Zomba is concerned.

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