Strategic Research Areas

The economic research of CFME is directed at investigating government expenses, government efficiency and government effectiveness, underscoring the theme that the optimal government is a minimal one. The government of Malawi normally uses loans from international lending institutions like IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank to fund current expenses.
In other words, the government borrows money just to pay the current bills. There is a need to advocate for government expenses to be in line with government revenues (a balanced budget) as well as a reform of the system that would better serve the taxpayers.

Normally our government consumes large amounts of resources and energy, provides much room for corruption, and makes life in Malawi hard for the local citizens.
CFME advocates for a simplification, reduction and modernization of the administration to free up resources for more productive activities.

Starting a business in Malawi is not easy. There are many complicated processes to go through and many people give up before the actual registration is done.
CFME conducts research on the problems businesses are facing and provide policy recommendations on how to simplify and make affordable the starting and conducting of business in Malawi.

Another very important topic is the privatization of public property. The government controls most of the utilities. Some of these companies do not offer high quality services because the government cannot manage to do everything on its own. In addition, most of these government-owned companies are usually being used to finance political goals and provide employment opportunities to members of political parties, while the cost is high for the population.
CFME advocates for the privatization of public companies.

CFME disseminates the works of authors arguing in favor of liberty and free-market. Currently it is sad to note that none of these works have been translated into Malawi’s local language to be specific Chichewa language, likely due to a small market with limited profit created by those publications. Currently we are publishing the book The Morality of Capitalism (Palmer, 2011) into Chichewa language.
We will distribute these books on the internet and produce hard copies for our audience to access if we shall have enough funds.

Strategic Events and Campaigns

The lectures are aimed at deepening the understanding of participants about the benefits of a free-market economy and how it has propelled many countries forward toward positive economic growth.
We gain participants who improve their entrepreneurial skills and support us in promoting liberty and free-market ideas.

We hope motivate young people to get a positive picture of business, and to interact with successful business owners for the development of young people into active entrepreneursntur parum clari, fiant sollemnes in futurum.

With the help of mass-media, i.e. radio and TV, we raise awareness and interest of citizens for liberty and free-market ideas.
An increased interest in our activities, as well as a higher pressure on policy makers to take our policy recommendations seriously

Reduce the cost of starting and conducting business as well as simplify the procedure for starting, conducting, and ending a business, as well as making changes to the capital, ownership structure and status of a business.

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